Top tips when buying clothes for your teenager

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October 19, 2012 by ginafashionistar

Lots of us find shopping difficult as there are so many things to think about. As well as getting something comfortable that shows off your figure, you also want to try and keep up with the latest trends and what is taking place on the catwalk. But if you think this is bad, it’s nothing compared to shopping with teenagers. When youngsters are at this age they are prone to changing their mind frequently and getting short tempered when they don’t get their way. So imagine what it is like hitting the shops and trying to purchase new party dresses for teenagers.

The problem with teenagers is they are at a stage in their life where they are still trying to work out who they are and what they like. This means they will be influenced by what their friends are wearing, as well as pictures they see in magazines and on TV. Unfortunately for you, this means they’re likely to change their mind a lot as they’re constantly trying to keep up with the latest cool trends.

As a result, you may find your purse stretched a bit to keep up with their demands unless you take some thought over what you buy your son or daughter. High street stores can often be expensive, so think about shopping online. There are some amazing internet-only retailers and more and more people are now purchasing their goods online. What is more, you will find these stores are often much cheaper than the high street as they are under greater pressure to keep prices low and beat the competition to survive. Think about it, if you find good products online it is much easier to compare prices with the click of a mouse button than it is to traipse between different shops on the high street.

Another solution is to look on eBay. If you know what size your teenager is and which brands they like you can both sit down at the computer one evening and see if you can discover any bargains. You’d be surprised at just how good the quality of some items on eBay is, plus it is much easier to shop from the comfort of your own home than it is the spend an evening in town – particularly if you have a grumpy teenager that gets bored very quickly.

One of the other benefits of online shopping is that you can discover things you wouldn’t find on the high street, particularly if you live in a fairly small town. Lots of teenagers love music and you can pick up cheap T-shirts with band logos and images printed on the front. Brands and logos can often mean a lot to teenagers as they’ll want to wear the same things all their friends have got. Don’t be afraid to shop around online to bag yourself a bargain.

If you do shop on the high street and know you will be there for some time, make sure you take a break by grabbing some lunch or taking your son or daughter for a drink in a nice cafe. Not only will this mean you can both recharge the batteries, but you can ask them if there’s anything in particular they still want to buy. If your daughter is particularly into fashion then buy a magazine and look through it together – this is the perfect opportunity for her to tell you which looks she likes.

Unfortunately, teenagers are a lot fussier that younger children when it comes to their clothes and you can’t get away with simply buying them practical, long-lasting garments. You have to resign yourself to the fact they’re going to take much more interest in what the clothes actually look like and whether they match what their friends have. If you accept this, you’ll find it much easier to shop with your teenage son or daughter.

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