Are You Taking Advantage Of The Full Range Of Services At Your Local Salon?

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December 11, 2012 by ginafashionistar


Image via Elvert Barnes on Flickr creative commons.

When most people go to their local salon they have their hair cut, trimmed and blow dried. Many people will have it dyed as well, while others might just be looking to get their hair styled for a particular event such as a Christmas meal or a memorable birthday party.

While these are no doubt the most popular reasons to go to the salon, a lot of consumers might be surprised to find there are actually many other treatments and salon services available that they didn’t realise existed. Training to be a hairdresser is not as easy as many people think and it is not simply a case of being taught how to cut hair in a straight line or apply some dye. Individuals will also have to learn about how to properly shampoo, condition and look after hair, how to dry it effectively, more advanced styling techniques, perming and relaxing hair and, of course, colouring.

Hairdressers will also need to have a thorough understanding of the different types of hair – such as thin, thick, curly, straight, wavy – and how they will behave when they are being cut. After all, it will be no good if they cut someone with curly hair a fringe only to discover it bounces up so they have a constant look of surprise until it grows out.

It is this type of knowledge people should take advantage of when they go to the salon. Instead of sitting there in silence or chatting about holidays, they should talk to their hairdresser, ask about the best products for their hair and how to style it effectively. They will also be able to give advice on things like grey hairs and conditioning especially dry or frizzy hair.

As well as the more standard salon services like a cut and blow dry, more specific options are also available, such as braiding and hair extensions – which are very popular at the moment. These require an expert to put them in properly and it is worth individuals paying the money to get them done at a salon instead of attempting to tackle the task themselves.

One of the most popular salon services available are wedding hair styles. Brides want to look their best on their big day and this will usually involve asking professionals to style their hair. Whether they go for plaits, curls, a fancy up-do, or something a bit more relaxed, the client will usually have a practice session with their hairdresser first to ensure the design is right. Then, on the day of their wedding, they will get their hair done by professionals before they walk down the aisle.

Increasingly, salons will be keen to offer their customers a wider range of treatment options and these involve skin, beauty and nail services. This means that while women are waiting for the dye to penetrate their hair, they could sit and have their nails done to save time. This will also help salons to widen their customer base and ensure they become a one-stop-shop for people’s hair and beauty needs.

Although fundamentally salons are a place to get a haircut, there are many other services available as well that customers can take advantage of.

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