Accessorising With Your Smartphone

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February 1, 2013 by ginafashionistar


Image from Flickr creative commons via MikiI Yoshitio

Once upon a time, mobile phones were huge, bulky items with antennas sticking out of the top and tiny screens you could barely make out a phone number on. Now, things are completely different and the world’s top smartphone manufacturers are fighting it out to produce handsets that are slimmer, lighter, have bigger screens and are more advanced than their previous offerings.

With more and more people taking out 12 month mobile phone deals and getting themselves a smartphone, it’s turned into a huge industry. When a new handset is released, everyone wants to be the first person to own it – just look at the release of the Apple iPhone 5. Apple received more than two million orders within 24 hour of the phone going on sale. As a result, initial demand exceeded the supply available, which the company described as “extraordinary”.

It’s clear to see that rather than just being a tool with which people can make phone calls and send text messages, smartphones have become a super-cool accessory. Just like how fashionistas want to be seen in all the latest trends and spend on all their money on new outfits, others use their cash to purchase the most up-to-date smartphones.

But not only are smartphones an accessory in their own right, but there are lots of ways people can accessorise the phone itself to make it unique to them. Personalising mobile phones has become increasingly popular over the years and accessories have become a huge market. Remember Nokia Xpress-on covers?  These were pretty much the first time the idea of customising mobile phones was attempted within the market and now the trend is huge.

For a start, smartphones need to be protected. They contain complex and very advanced technology, not to mention large screens that can easily get scratched or chipped. Without some sort of protective cover, there’s a high chance a smartphone could get damaged if it’s dropped on the floor or bashed about in a bag. Covers themselves have provided people with a way to instantly make their smartphone stand out from the crowd and everything from sparkling leopard print to 3D Hello Kitty covers are now available.

These say as much about a person as the wallet or bag they carry and the clothes they wear. As do the various charms and ‘phone jewellery’ that can be purchased. This is a trend that really hit it off in Asia and people in Japan in particular are huge fans of phone charms. Although it hasn’t taken off in quite the same way here in the UK, it’s definitely something many smartphone fans like to do, especially if they’re fans of various aspects of Asian culture like Anime and Sanrio.

These pretty little charms are only scratching the surface when it comes to the wealth of accessories available for mobile phones – and a lot of them have practical benefits too. Scratch-resistant cases, covers that double up as a small purse and hands-free kits for cars are just a few of the other items available.

Phone accessories say a lot about of person, and you’d be surprised at just how well you can accessorise your handset if you really want to.

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