What to do with your old party clothes

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March 14, 2013 by ginafashionistar


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There comes a time in a woman’s life when she gets needs to get rid of her party clothes. This can be for one of two reasons: she’s bored of them and wants an excuse to buy new party pieces, or they no longer fit. The first and most important thing to do is to lay out all of your party outfits on the bed and go through them one by one. Make three piles: one for clothes that are as good as new but you no longer want to wear; one for old party clothes that have seen better days, and a third for the outfits you want to keep.

Now comes the fun part. The first pile of clothes can either be taken to a charity shop, sold for a profit (think of the new clothes you could buy with the money you make), or swapped with friends – fashion show anyone? The second pile should be thrown away as they’re probably of no use to anyone. And the third pile? Well that needs to be arranged neatly in your wardrobe and drawers to create space for the new pieces. A wise word though; once you buy new clothes, mix up your outfits to include some of your existing pieces too, otherwise the temptation is to only wear your new stuff and the rest of the perfectly good party clothes get abandoned and forgotten about in the depths of your drawers.

If you’d rather not spend time photographing, bagging and listing your old clothes on websites such as online marketplaces, there’s another option. You could renovate your old clothes to make them work as new pieces. That bodycon top for sale that you’ve been unsure about could easily be turned into a bikini top with the help of some scissors and a sewing machine.

There’s always the possibility that you don’t actually want to get rid of your old party wear; rather, it just needs a bit of a revamp to make it look fresh and brand new again. Perhaps you have a dress in a gorgeous colour but the neckline is all wrong on you? By re-styling the neckline you can create a magical dress that looks brand new. Or maybe you bought a dress that hangs badly past your waist yet the neckline is perfect? You could cut the dress in half and style it in to the perfect going out top – what’s more, you’re more likely to wear it if it fits you properly as you’ll feel more comfortable and therefore more confident.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to make new outfits from your old clothes. They can be used to make other useful household accessories and toys, such as dolls outfits for your daughter’s dolls. You could also create a lampshade cover from a section of old dress. Use ribbon and beads to decorate. If you own a silk dress or a silk top, you could turn it into deluxe gift wrapping for presents for your loved ones.

Holding a clothes swapping party is a fantastic way to get rid of some of your unwanted party clothes. So grab a few of your best mates together and ask each one to bring a selection of wearable outfits in good condition that they no longer use. One girl’s castoffs could be another girl’s dream outfit after all. Rather than throwing away excellent quality items or giving them to charity, swap them with your friend’s for items you actually want to wear. This will also mean you’re less likely to run amok in the shopping centres, spending far too much money than you can afford on brand new outfits.

So how do you host a successful clothes swapping party?

  • Send out invitations to all of your female friends. The more friends you invite, the greater the selection of clothes. Set a clear number of garments for people to bring to ensure that some friends don’t just bring one item and make off with about seven new ones.
  • Go through your clothes and organise a pile of the outfits you no longer wear. Remember to only include clothing that someone else can still wear – make sure it’s in good condition and not stretched, bobbly or stained.
  • Wash, iron and hang all of the garments. Make sure you tell your friends to do the same so that everyone can easily sort through the clothes at the swapping party.
  • Set up tables and clothes rails to arrange everything on when your friends arrive. Display everything as you would expect to see it in a clothes shop.
  • Take it in turns to choose items from the selection until every piece of clothing has been claimed. Any unwanted items at the end of the party can be donated to charity.
  • Encourage your friends to bring accessories too. Purses, shoes, belts and jewellery are all essential party outfit items that can instantly transform a look. Everyone can leave the party with a whole new outfit for absolutely free.

Try hosting your own clothes swapping party and take advantage of a free new party outfit.

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