The best clothing to come out of the 60s


May 5, 2013 by ginafashionistar


Image via Flickr creative commons from gayledc

Vintage clothing trends are continually influencing the way we dress today and it can be very interesting to see how garments such as mini skirts at Missguided are actually inspired by the clothes women wore 50 years ago. Although looks from many different decades can dictate the outfits we wear today, it is perhaps the 1960s that remain the most influential.

In the 50s, dresses were very prim and proper. Underwear was restrictive and dresses were nipped in at the waist with pretty floral patterns. When women did wear trousers, they were smart trousers with modest tops. The 60s was a time of rebellion and suddenly skirts got shorter, tight waistbands disappeared and new patterns evolved.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular looks to come out of the 1960s is the mini skirt. It was popularised in the 1960s by Mary Quant when she started selling her super-short skirts in her shop on Kings Road in London. The mini skirt progressed into mini dresses and suddenly women everywhere were walking around in mid-thigh-length outfits rather than the below-the-knee dresses of the 50s.

One of the reasons why mini skirts are so popular is undoubtedly their wearability. They go with practically anything and can easily be dressed up or down.

Mini dresses are also still very popular and for the spring/summer 2013 season, Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton captured the look perfectly with his simple monochrome shift dresses covered in bold geometric designs. If the look takes off, these simple dresses look set to be a major trend over the next couple of months.

Of course, not everyone wanted to wear skirts and dresses all of the time and anyone who has ever seen the film Grease will know that capri pants were also very popular during the 1960s. The character Rizzo in particular often wore tight pants with a top in the same colour, teamed with a contrasting waist belt.

These days, capri pants are still popular, although they are often made slightly longer so they become ankle grazers. Worn with all manner of different tops they are perfect for the office and look chic for weekend shopping trips.

When it comes to workwear or smarter outfits, the 60s fashion worn by Jackie Kennedy is an obvious choice. The Chanel tweed suits she made so famous are still loved by women everywhere and they make a quick yet stylish outfit for any formal event. In fact, boucle had a comeback earlier this year and the iconic Chanel material found its way on to dresses, tops and more casual jackets, as well as smarter pieces. Simplicity and boxy shapes defined her look.

The other prominent look that emerged during the 60s was the trend for hippy flower power-inspired outfits. Nowadays the look isn’t quite so popular, but tie-dye is a trend that keeps coming back over and over again, with colourful patterns inspired by the original outfits. These days, tie-dye tops are often teamed with skinny jeans and parka jackets for a laid-back look, while tie-dye maxi dresses are popular during the summer months.

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