It’s That Nineties Time Again

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June 6, 2013 by ginafashionistar


Image via Flickr creative commons from …love Maegan

Fashion followers will be fully aware that trends move in cycles. What’s hot right now is likely to make a comeback in another twenty years’ time. If you’ve noticed that many 90s inspired items are being worn at the moment, then you’ve picked up on the latest must-have trend. It’s that nineties time again, so get ready to dust off your old dungarees and dig out your denim pinafore dresses. Here’s the lowdown on the hottest 90s inspired outfit ensembles right now.

Back to the 90s with accessories

These are the accessories that made you look cool in front of your friends at school, and guaranteed you wouldn’t be picked last in games.

Bandanas – they made you look edgy and funky, and hey, if it was good enough for Christina (Aguilera), it was good enough for you.

Snap bracelets – you remember the ones; you simply had to slap your wrist with one and it folded around to create a bracelet.

Butterfly clips – you adorned your head with these cute little clips; in fact, every hairstyle challenged you to wear as many as you could.

Best trends of the 90s

These are the most-loved fashion trends of the 90s and how you can re-create the look today.

Overalls – stylish yet super comfy, it was all the rage to wear them with one strap undone or to leave the top of them trailing down your front. Make the most of this laid back style with a pair of dungarees – you get extra style points if you invest in some with an acid wash.

Tie dye tees – the best way to rock this look was to make your own at home using an old white t shirt and some fabric dye. Wear yours today as a crop top by tying a knot in the bottom.

Double denim – get your denim fix with a bleach wash jacket worn over a pair of ripped denim jeans.

Baggy jackets – army print showed attitude and was perfect for tomboys. Layer your army jacket over a girly skater dress to add a touch of urban edginess to the look. Choose from a range of on trend skater dresses from She Likes.

Comic prints – the 90s was all about wearing loud and proud clothing, from slogan tees to Andy Warhol-esque comic book prints. Stay on style today with a comic print jumpsuit.

Worst trends of the 90s

To finish, here are the worst fashions from the 90s that should definitely not be seen again.

Personalised backpacks – you know your own name, and so do your friends so there’s no need for random strangers to know too. Plus, why would you choose to ruin a perfectly good bag just to scrawl your name on it?

Bucket hats – they really don’t look good on anyone, so why would you purposely leave yourself open to criticism?

Choker necklaces – uncomfortable to wear, choker necklaces only serve to make your neck appear wider, rather than make you look more stylish.

If you’d rather look on trend than make a fashion faux pas (let’s face it, who wouldn’t?) follow the above tips in this handy guide. It may be a revival of the nineties but some trends are better left at the back of your wardrobe.

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