Finding Petite Dresses For Special Occasions

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June 7, 2013 by ginafashionistar


Image via Flickr creative commons from miss.libertine

The range of dresses, tops, trousers and skirts that are available for petite women has expanded hugely over the last decade. Designers finally seem to have recognised that women come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes, and there are now even guides out there as to how best to dress if you have a small frame. Because of this, finding petite dresses for special occasions has become an awful lot easier. If you fall into the petite category, usually less than 5’3″, then it’s good news because there is plenty of choice out there. Whether you’re looking for a casual day dress to wear out to lunch with friends, or perhaps an elegant evening gown for a trip to the theatre or a special party, you shouldn’t have any trouble pulling together the perfect outfit.

Wide range of sizes

Whether you have a small frame, are more suited to plus size dresses, or are somewhere in between, it really shouldn’t matter when it comes to finding a style of dress that catches your eye. Petite clothing tends to come in a range of sizes, anything from size eight to 18, so whether you want to make the most of what you’ve got or are searching for an outfit that will caress your beautiful curves, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Block colour dresses

Picking out a petite dress in a single colour is a popular way of dressing to your size and shape while giving the illusion of extra height. Also known as monochrome dressing, making use of a single colour helps to streamline the way you look and removes any visual clutter from your appearance. Put simply, it makes it easier for someone’s eye to travel over you as you’re wearing a consistent shade that is not broken up by contrasting colours. There’s plenty of colour choice out there, from deep azure blues that will really get you noticed over the summer, though to gorgeous black maxi dresses with beaded hemlines that are perfect for evening events. If you thought that dressing all in one colour was boring, think again!

Remember the power of the little black dress

When it comes to giving an illusion of height, remember that dark colours work best. The little black dress is a great look for petite women, a look carried off perfectly time and again by stars like Sarah Jessica Parker. A fitted or semi-fitted dress will help to show off your slim figure and perhaps consider a dress with line detailing to help enforce that impression of height.

Don’t forget your footwear

Finding the right shoes for a special occasion is just as important as getting your hands on a special petite dress. An attractive pair of heels are great for giving you a boost in height and it’s interesting to note that in Britain, women have an average heel size of 3.3″. Celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole are well known for their love of high heels and with the average height of a British, 18 to 29-year-old woman standing at 5’4″ it is no surprise that many girls are turning to high heels to give themselves a lift.

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