How To Make Your Own Accessories

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July 5, 2013 by ginafashionistar


Image via Flickr creative commons from ingermaaike2

Staying on trend and keeping up with the latest fashions can be an expensive business, especially when it seems like new collections are hitting the high street every few months. There are ways to save yourself a bit of cash and still look chic though – one of which is to start making your own accessories.

Hair accessories

Making accessories for your hair is a simple way of getting into crafts but at the same time they can have a major impact on how an outfit comes together. Hair bands, hair clips and corsages can all be styled and designed to be a focus feature and there are plenty of options in terms of the direction you want to go in. For example, a bold and flowery design made up of a cluster of wool felt blooms attached to a thin headband can act as a real headline-grabbing statement piece and would look fab with a light, colourful summer dress and perhaps some sandals or a pair of wedges.


If you want to get stuck into making some truly versatile accessories then think about learning how to make scarves at home. A colourful silk scarf can make a beautiful accessory to go with items in your summer wardrobe – imagine a flash of blue or purple against the stark white of a summer t-shirt or cami top. Of course you could always choose to opt for a chunky cable-knit scarf in a daring orange or yellow that could add a splash of brilliance to a winter outfit. Practical and fashionable – what could be better! You will have to pick up some knitting techniques before getting started on your scarf but with the right attitude and some patience you’ll be knocking out stockinette stitch scarves before you know it!

Go organic

By choosing to make your own clothes at home it is even easier to remain ethical by using materials such as organic cotton and other items sourced sustainably. Organic fashion is certainly in vogue at the moment, with celebrities such as Sophie Dahl, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba all known to wear organic products. And it’s no wonder when it can mean so much to the workers who produce that cotton all around the world, from better working conditions to a fair wage and of course there are the many environmental benefits to consider.


Knitting is something that can take a while to pick up though, so if you are after a quick fix for your accessory problem then consider adding to your earring collection. With a few basic supplies such as head pins and earring wire, beads, pliers and wire cutters you’re ready to get started. You imagination can run wild in terms of designs, but bear in mind the items in your wardrobe that you’re planning to team the accessories with. One of the best ideas is to get hold of a book with plenty of illustrations as this will provide you with a great starting platform. But above all, just be adventurous and have some fun.


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